Great seasonal recipe. The Pigeon season starts at the beginning of September. We now have the young birds in stock, plump from a summer of feeding in the fields on corn and other cereal crops. Perfect now for autumn eating they will be tender and have quite a sweet almost nutty flavour – just right for this recipe. Later in the season older birds become tougher with a stronger flavour and are better braised or in a casserole.

This recipe will make a very lighter healthy lunch or dinner for 4 people. Having prepared and assembled the ingredients this is an easy dish to prepare.

This recipe comes from Game to Eat. They have lots of good game recipes on their site. We also have some of their free recipe books available in the shop. So if you are looking for some inspiration for game cooking come in and see us.

Ingredients for Wood Pigeon Salad

4 Wood Pigeon from Morley Butchers – (Remove breasts 2 per person)
200g cooked diced black pudding from Morley Butchers
200g cooked diced beetroot
100g fresh blackberries
40g mixed baby leafs
20ml lemon oil
Sea salt & ground pepper


Heat on the stove a non stick frying pan
Season the pigeon well with the salt and pepper and place skin side down in the pan
Cook for two minutes and turn breasts over and cook for another two minutes. The meat portions should be still soft to the touch. Do not over cook as they should still be pink inside when served.
Remove from the pan and rest for five minutes – They meat will still cook as it rests
Warm the cooked (fried) black pudding and place into a bowl
Add the leafs, beetroot and blackberries to the bowl, season and drizzle with lemon oil
Place the salad on the plate and top with the pigeon and another drizzle of lemon oil

Serve with…

This dish is complete on its own but a glass of a mature red wine would be perfect here. Try a  full-flavoured Rioja or Bordeaux.

You can see more on the different seasons for game here on our website