We like provide our customers with more details about the provenance of the beef on our counter. This post is about Waygateshawhead Farm and the farmer there Ross Orr. To provide you with the best we source premium beef suppliers and producers. We look for beef that has come from slow growing animals that have enjoyed a healthy natural lifestyle and have been fed a wholesome diet. The result is well marbled joints on our shop that deliver excellent flavour. To further improve flavour and texture we matured on the bone.

beef tag

Identity Tags

All the meat they send to us is tagged so we can identify where it is from by farm and by breed. Most of the beef that we will be selling in the next few weeks will be coming from Waygateshawhead Farm


Beef From Waygateshawhead Farm

Waygateshawhead Farm is home to farmer Ross Orr who raises cattle that become some of the tasty joints that we have on our counter. Click to watch video of him discussing his cattle and how he likes to produce his beef

Knowing Where Your Beef Comes From

Our premium beef suppliers are MacDuff Beef. They are a family owned business now involving the fourth generation. The company is run by Rory Duff who is the grandson of Peter Duff the founder. They specialise in selecting only the most distinctive Scottish beef sourced from a small number of Scottish farms who have uniquely high standards of beef production.

All the cattle selected by them are reared naturally and fed only on grass, root crops and grass-based products. This natural diet ensures the full, rich flavour of beef as it used to taste before the introduction of intensive farming techniques. To add further richness and succulence the beef is matured on the bone.