The Oscars are coming up this week so a good time to find a recipe with some Hollywood glamour. We of course turn to local experts on these matters Silver Screen Suppers who have an amazing collection of film star recipes. They have selected for us Veal Scallopini (Escalope de Veau aux Cèpes) as cooked by Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo (Peter Falk had two Oscar nominations). In fact you can watch him cook it in the episode “Murder Under Glass”. He claims not to be a very good cook however, it’s easy to see from this episode that he really does know what he’s doing with veal.

Ingredients For Veal Scallopini

2 Veal escalopes from Morley Butchers
Approximately 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
Dash of olive oil
Salt and White pepper
2 Shallots
50g Dried wild mushrooms
1/2 glass red wine

Cooking Method For Veal Scallopini

First soak the mushrooms in boiling water for about 20 minutes and then chop well.

Heat the butter and a dash of olive oil in a skillet / frying pan.

Season the veal with salt and white pepper (Columbo observes that white pepper “somehow looks better on veal.”)

When butter is bubbling, place veal in the pan and cook until browning on the edges, turn over and cook the other side.  Columbo’s veal is in the pan for approximately 1.45 seconds. Cooking times will vary according to the size of the escalopes thicker slices will take longer than thin. When cooked put the veal in a warm place.

Slice then add the shallots to the pan along with the mushrooms and let them fry together for a minute.  Then add the wine, and stir gently for a moment until hot.  Put the veal back in the pan for approximately 40 seconds to warm through.

Serve with a simple tomato and onion salad with a mustard vinaigrette

Columbo Cookbook

Calling all Columbo/Hollywood fans – Silver screen suppers are looking for test cooks to try out recipes for their forthcoming Columbo cookbook! The recipes are from Columbo or from some of the many stars who have made an apperance in the series (plenty of Oscars connections here). Just click over to their website pick a dish (or two), drop them a message via the contact page and get the recipe sent over to you cook it at home and pass on your feedback.  You will get an acknowledgment in the book and everlasting Silver Screen Suppers friendship!

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