Are you planning your thanksgiving meal? If so we can help with the main ingredient the Thanksgiving Turkey

Free Range Thanksgiving Turkey

Our free-range Thanksgiving Turkeys are supplied by Phil Truin. The Turkeys are reared from day olds in small batches in freshly strawed barns until they are robust enough to enjoy the meadows outside. They are then free to choose between their barns or spending time out in the fields depending on the weather. The birds receive attention every day to make sure they enjoy the highest animal welfare standards.

These Turkeys do not receive any hormones, growing supplements or chemical additives. When they are fully mature the slaughter, dry-plucking and finishing is all done on site. The effect of these high welfare standards along with a traditional lifestyle is to ensure good eating, excellent flavour and texture. Making a perfect centerpiece for your celebration meal with family and friends

Ordering your Turkey

Please place your order in the shop where we can advise you on what size will be best for the number of people you wish to feed. All orders need to be made by Saturday 14th November.


Photo Credit: ewan traveler cc