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Halloween Goulash from Vincent Price

What could be better for the 31st October than a recipe for Halloween Goulash from Vincent Price. As well as being such a famous horror actor Vincent Price was also a great cook. This Ghoulish Goulash is adapted from his book cooking Price-Wise. How do we know all this? We have been [...]

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Chicken Sweet and Hot Recipe

This chicken sweet and hot recipe comes to us from local food blogger and all round Hollywood expert Silver Screen Suppers. It is one of the recipes selected to celebrate the launch of Mary and Vincent Price’s 50th Anniversary Edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes. Did you know that Vincent Price was a noted foodie and [...]

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Hong Kong Butterfly Steak Recipe

A tasty steak recipe from local food blogger Silver Screen Suppers. If you were watching your twitter feed yesterday  there were some enticing tweets as this dish was being prepared. All part of the virtual virtual Mad Men series finale party! Food, cocktail and lifestyle bloggers worldwide are posting blogs featuring food or drink from The Unofficial Mad Men [...]

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Vincent Price’s ghoulish Goulash

Perfect for Halloween this Goulash is all tasty treat with no tricks. Actor Vincent Price wasn't only a horror legend, he was also a dab hand in the kitchen and this Goulash recipe is adapted from the recipe in his book Cooking Price-Wise, (Corgi Books 1971). Silver Screen Suppers Nothing spooky about how we know [...]

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