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Oxtail With Dumplings

This is a delicious comfort food recipe. Slow cooked oxtail with dumplings is a real warming treat on a cold day. This is a dish that tastes even better the next day. Remove from the fridge and heat slowly for about 1 hour until piping hot. The flavours will be deeper and sauce even richer. Ingredients For Oxtail [...]

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Braised Beef Short Ribs

Beef short ribs (sometimes know as Jacobs ladder) are delicious slow cooked with some tasty  gravy and  smooth mash. We have a great recipe here - perfect for a warming supper. Beef Short ribs  are often known in UK as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. Beef short ribs are larger and can be more tender and meatier than pork spare ribs. What [...]

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Osso bucco

Osso bucco means "bones with a hole". Its a classic recipe from Northern Italy. The cut comes from the shin so needs some slow cooking for a really tender and tasty dish. The holes in the bone contain the marrow that imparts the extra depth to the dish. There are a few stages to go [...]

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