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How To Cook Partridge

This dish makes a lovely Sunday lunch or evening meal but do you know how to cook partridge? We have all the details you need along with the traditional accompaniments. The main ingredient is in the shop now. About Partridges There are two species of partridge in the UK. These are the Native Grey which is [...]

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Roast Partridge recipe with Harissa

Spicy seasonal game recipe, easy to prepare and very tasty. Just right for the Partridge we have in the shop right now. Game meat is low in fat with a high content of polyunsaturates.  It is full of vitamins including Iron B6, Niacin and Riboflavin. Nutritionally it is akin to skinless chicken breast meat. Game is [...]

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Partridge Hot Pot

Make the most of the last few weeks of the game season with this Partridge Hot Pot recipe. Quick to prepare and very good to eat. Partridge have a subtle flavour, young birds, are best served simply roasted, pan-fried of grilled. Later the more mature birds are best braised or slow cooked as with this [...]

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Partridge roasted with lime

Partridge is now in the shop. Here is a really tasty way to cook it. These birds are just coming into season and a roast Partridge is a great dish that goes well with the change in the weather. Partridge have a subtle flavour and, in the case of young birds, are best served simply roasted, [...]

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