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Leg of Lamb with Thyme, Orange and Anchovy Sauce

A leg of lamb makes a tasty meal to eat with friends or family.  This recipe is rich on flavour and just right for a Sunday lunch. Spring Lamb Spring Lambs are those born in late winter or early spring and sold early in the year. Those in our shop in the spring months are when [...]

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Spring Lamb In Season

Spring Lamb in season and now available in the shop. The popularity of Spring lamb in season is due to its delicate flavour and succulent, tender texture. The younger the animal is the more tender the meat and milder the flavour with a hint of sweetness. Spring Lamb In Season Lamb does vary in its taste and texture, [...]

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Easter Orders

Easter is only a week away. Its a time of year when we love to sit down to a large tasty meal with family and friends. Come and see us to place your Easter orders to get what you need to make it a real memorable meal. If you are planning a larger meal we suggest a [...]

New Season Spring Lamb

New season Spring Lamb is now in the shop. Lamb will vary in taste and texture, according to the age of the animal and the type of pasture it was grazed on. Spring lamb is available from early Spring until the Summer. It is very tender and has a more refined flavour as it has not had as [...]

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