Lamb Valentine Steaks With Marinade

This is a fragrant and tasty dish with the lamb valentine steaks marinaded with lavender and balsamic vinegar just perfect with the fresh flavours of some seasonal vegetables. Valentine lamb steaks are taken from the loin and are made from two chops that have been butterflied. Valentine steaks are so called because when the meat is opened it folds [...]

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Lamb Chops With Mustard And Citrus Glaze

A quick and simple dish for your grill. Lamb  chops with mustard and sticky citrus glaze is an great way to add extra flavour to some lovely lamb. It does not have to be chops, this will work well with steaks or cutlets too. If the weather is good this will make an excellent BBQ [...]

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Lamb Chops with Garlic and Caper Sauce

This Lamb chops with garlic recipe will make an elegant seasonal supper. It will work well with cutlets or loin chops. The quantities below are for four people. Allow about 15 minutes for preparation and 35 minutes for cooking. Ingredients For Lamb Chops With Garlic 8 lamb chops from Morley Butchers 300ml/½pint whole milk 2 [...]

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