It’s now on our counter Spring Lamb  A very long winter period where the bad weather has prevented farmers from getting their new lambs out onto pasture has meant that it has been hard to source Spring Lamb for the shop. It is now becoming available so come and see us for a sweet and tender joint.

“Spring Lamb” are animals that are under a year old. Traditionally these are lambs born in late winter in order to eat the new spring grass as soon as they’d finished their mother’s milk. It is is this diet that gives such a delicate taste and texture.

Try roasting you leg of Spring Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary.

Rub the outside of the joint with plenty of olive oil then a generous amount of sea salt and ground pepper

Use a sharp pointed knife to make small incisions in the meat about 1 inch deep then stud the joint with thin slices of garlic and a small sprig of Rosemary. (If possible do this the day before to let the extra flavours sink in.)

Place your joint on a trivet above some roughly chopped carrot and onion in the  base along with some red wine to get the base for a really tasty gravy

You will need to roast the joint for approximately 1.5 hrs in an oven at 190 0c/170 0c fan oven or gas mark 5 (longer for a large leg or if you want it well done). NB Spring Lamb will be at its best slightly pink)

Let the joint rest for at least 30 minutes before carving.

Leeks and Dauphinoise potatoes are perfect with this.

To bring you the best Lamb at all times of year we use a specialist Lamb supplier in Londons Smithfield Market. Lamb quality from different farms and producers varies throughout the year depending on regional conditions that effect the grass on which the animals feed.

We have a useful guide to the different Cuts of Lamb that explains  how to get the best match for the recipe you want to cook or how much you want to spend.