Cold, wet, windy or icy weather outside? A perfect time to enjoy some warming and comforting slow-cooked recipes. As the hours in the casserole or oven pass by, these dishes grow richer and more deeply infused with flavour. Expand your slow-cooking repertoire with some of these recipes.

Choose The Right Cuts

The different cuts and joints are better suited for different recipes and cooking methods. Typically it is the the value cuts such as shin, cheek, short rib and shoulder that reward slow cooking by braising or in stews. These harder working muscles deliver the richest and deepest flavours. Longer cooking breaks down the denser fibres creating really tender meat in a thicker, delicious sauce or gravy.

Slow cooked Beef Recipes

Here we have some tasty beef recipes. Just click to view the recipe or cooking tips.

Slow Cooked Lamb Recipes

These are a selection of recipes that braise or stew tasty cuts of lamb to make rich comforting dishes.

Slow Cooked Pork Recipes

Try some of these recipes for some very tender pork dishes with delicious sauces and fantastic flavour.

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