We have an excellent range of tasty sausages

sausages on our counter

Ever popular Butchers Sausages from Morley Butchers

We stock a range of high quality butchers sausages. These tasty sausages have an eighty five percent meat content and a flavour that keeps our customers coming back for more. So much so that we have been using the same recipe and supplier for thirty years!

We offer:

Plain Pork sausage

Plain Pork chipolata


Wild Boar and Apple

Welsh Dragon

Award winning Black Pudding,

Tuscan (Italian) Sausage with fennel and chili version

Authentic  Chorizo (sourced from Spain)

We are also the supplier to the local and much loved Crouch End bakers Dunn’s who use our sausages (and other fresh meat) in their range of savoury snacks and sandwiches.

Our Own Specialities

You might also want to try our South African specialities Boerewors and Droëwors. Boerewors is a sausage, popular in South African cuisine. The name comes from the Afrikaans words boer (“farmer”) and wors (“sausage”), Droëwors  is a similar dried or cured sausage it is prepared in a process similar to the preparation of biltong. Both are made on the premises to a traditional and authentic South African recipe.


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