With the lovely summer weather why wait until the weekend for a sausage BBQ. Our impressive range of sausages are perfect for easy grilling mid week. Just add some bread and salad and you will have a fantastic feast. Below is a our best sausage BBQ choices.

Best Butchers Sausages

We stock a range of high quality butchers sausages. These tasty sausages have an eighty five percent meat content and a flavour that keeps our customers coming back for more. So much so that we have been using the same recipe and supplier for thirty years!

We offer a plain Pork sausage which is a proper butchers banger. A slimmer version in the Plain Pork chipolata or if you like it a little more herby try our tasty Cumberlands. For a stronger flavour you will be in for a treat with the Wild Boar and Apple.

Our own “Made in Crouch End” Boerewors

You might also want to try our South African specialities Boerewors. Boerewors is a sausage, popular in South African cuisine. The name comes from the Afrikaans words boer (“farmer”) and wors (“sausage”). These exceptionally tasty sausages are made on the premises to a traditional and authentic South African recipe.

The sausage is usually formed and presented in a large spiral – very similar to the Cumberland Sausage that we have in the UK. Cooking Boerewors over a Braai (BBQ) is a strong patriotic tradition in South Africa culture and is often associated with national holidays.

The sausage is made from coarsely ground beef which is typically combined with ground pork. To make sure we can offer our customers a really tasty premium version we use the best Scottish Beef combined with Free Range Blythburgh Pork. The natural fat content of the meat will keep it moist during the cooking process.

The unique taste and aroma of Boerewors comes from the generous amount of Coriander, Nutmeg, Cloves, All Spice and Black Pepper. We make it in two sizes (thick and thin) so you can choose your preference – same filling but the larger size will need slower cooking

Our Merguez will add some spice to your sausage BBQ

Merguez are a type of  sausage made with a lamb and beef. They are heavily spiced with cumin and chili pepper or harissa. These give the sausage its typical piquancy and distinctive orange red colour. Other spices and flavours will  sumac, fennel, and garlic.

As the spices suggest this sausage originates from North Africa and is very popular in both Spain and France. They are perfect for your sausage BBQ.

Sausage BBQ tips

Don’t cook you sausages too fast as you can blacken the outside but under-cook the middle

If you are pressed for time place sausages in the oven on a low heat while you are lighting the BBQ this will save time and ensure they are cooked through