We like to supply our customers with truly premium beef. To achieve this we first take great care to select the best suppliers and producers. We are always looking for beef that has come from slow growing animals that have enjoyed a natural lifestyle and wholesome diet. This delivers real taste and well marbled joints.

MacDuff Beef  are our suppliers, a family owned business now involving the fourth generation. The company is run by Rory Duff grandson of Peter Duff the founder. MacDuff specialise in selecting only the most distinctive Scottish beef which ensures the taste and succulence for consumers. The beef is sourced from a small number of Scottish farms who have uniquely high standards of beef production. All the cattle are reared naturally and fed only on grass, root crops and grass-based products. This natural diet ensures the full, rich flavour of beef as it used to taste before the introduction of intensive farming techniques. To add further richness and succulence the beef is matured on the bone.

All the meat they send to us is tagged so we can identify where it is from by farm and by breed. Most of the beef that we will be selling in September will be coming from Airdrie Farm.

Premium Beef Provenance – Airdrie Farm

Airdrie Farm is based near Southerness, Dumfries and Galloway.  The Kelly family Semple, Emily and their son Lewis have lived on the farm since 2000. There are two other additions to the family, Harris and Tweed who are two chocolate Labradors. It is located just above Southerness, with amazing views to the south  looking out across the Solway Firth. Semple is a 3rd generation farmer originally from Hamilton.

The farm is about 600 acres in size with elevations that range from 150 to 300 feet above sea level. Semple works with numerous breeds that include Charolais, Aberdeen Angus, Shorthorn and Blue Grey with a total of 700 cattle across all his land. His cattle live on a natural diet and are purely grass fed. They become ready annually during August, September and October. These animals are usually sold when they are two years old.