A rolled Pork shoulder joint is perfect for slow cooking and will produce a incredibly tender and tasty roast meal. It is a roast that can be produced with little fuss and bother, perfect for entertaining family or friends at the weekend.

Free Range Pork

Our pork is sourced from Blythburgh Free Range Pork. Their pigs are born outside and spend their entire lives outdoors in the fresh air, with freedom to roam around large paddocks.

They have shelter when they need it, in the form of large airy tented barns in each paddock with plenty of bedding straw. This space and activity ensures a high standard of living and welfare which also results in the pigs growing at a slower rate as being more active they are burning off more calories than a pig enclosed in a concrete pen. By growing at a much slower, more natural rate, Blythburgh Free Range Pork acquires a superb traditional flavour and succulence.

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Cooking Pork Shoulder

You can buy pork shoulder from Morley Butchers in a variety of sizes to suit the number at your table – 1.5kg  of boned and rolled pork shoulder will provide a good meal for 4 or 5 people.

Rub the outside of your joint with olive oil and season well with plenty of salt and some freshly ground pepper. Get plenty of salt into the skin to help with the crackling later.

Preheat your oven to 150°C

As you want to cook the pork for a long time it is important to keep in the moisture to prevent the meat drying out. You can do this in a large casserole or a roasting tin with a large sheet of foil.

To make a tasty gravy also adding  flavour and moisture, place some roughly chopped onion, celery and carrot in the base or you roasting dish. Add water to just cover the vegetables the place the meat on top skin side up.

Put into the oven and allow it to cook  for at least 4 hours or until tender. After two hours check the pan to ensure it is not drying out – top up with water if required. Cooking times will vary according to the size and thickness of your particular joint.

When the meat is cooked uncover the joint and turn up the heat to crisp up the skin making some tasty crackling. Keep a close eye on the process it can turn from golden to black very quickly!

Remove the pork shoulder from the pan and allow it to rest under a foil cover for at least 15 minutes before carving or you can serve as pulled pork by shredding into chunks.

Remove the vegetables and reduce the cooking liquid to make a delicious gravy.