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Pomegranate Chicken

This recipe for pomegranate chicken is paired up with a lovely quinoa salad which makes for a bright colourful dish that will taste as good as it looks. This Mexican recipe comes from Tomasina Miers who is real expert, Wahaca restaurant group founder and MasterChef winner(also Queen of tacos according to her Instagram Bio) [...]

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Chicken Meatballs With Pistachio

These chicken meatballs really pack a flavour punch. Quick, simple to prepare and healthy, they need nothing more than some plain rice or a fresh salad to accompany them, making for an easy lunch or dinner. The recipe comes from local author (and master chef finalist) Emma Spitzer who has just published a new [...]

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Free Range Beech Ridge Farm Chickens

You might have noticed a new label on our counter. We are now stocking free range Beech Ridge Farm chickens. These are very tasty slow growing birds that have enjoyed a natural diet and lifestyle. About Beech Ridge Farm Chickens All Beech Ridge Farm chickens are grown slowly which means they are allowed to develop at their own [...]

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Chicken Sweet and Hot Recipe

This chicken sweet and hot recipe comes to us from local food blogger and all round Hollywood expert Silver Screen Suppers. It is one of the recipes selected to celebrate the launch of Mary and Vincent Price’s 50th Anniversary Edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes. Did you know that Vincent Price was a noted foodie and [...]

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Chicken Chasseur

Try this Chicken Chasseur recipe it makes a very tasty supper. We have the free range chicken that will be perfect for this adding real depth of flavour. You can also try some of our chicken thighs or quarters that will work just as well. Chicken Chasseur origins As a the name suggests this recipe is for [...]

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William Shatner Lime Garlic Chicken

We were thrilled this week to get a twitter name check from William Shatner. It's not often that we get tweets from a genuine global cultural icon (apologies to any Crouch End cultural icons but Captain Kirk is in the premier division as these things go). We wanted to mark the event and local blogger Silver [...]

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Free Range Roasted Chicken Recipe

Try this roasted chicken recipe. It makes a perfect Sunday lunch. Free range chickens from Fosse Meadows will add extra flavour. We are supplied direct from Fosse Meadows Farm, situated near Lutterworth in Leicestershire a stones throw from the nature park to which the farm owes its name.. Their birds have a genuinely free range [...]

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