Oxtail is a fantastic cut of beef, slow cooked it will provide a rich and satisfying meal. Oxtail stew is a perfect dish to keep out the cold.

These quantities will serve six to eight depending on the size of the tails and the appetites of your family or guests. If you have some left over don’t worry it will taste just as good if not better the next day or later in the week. This dish is best made the day before you need it.

Ingredients for Oxtail Stew

2 Oxtails from Morley Butchers cut in to portions
2 medium onions diced
2 celery stalks chopped
2 carrots peeled and chopped
2 large garlic cloves finely chopped
Splash of Worcester sauce
Tablespoon of tomato concentrate
2 Large glasses of red wine
Bouquet Garni – Parsley, Thyme, Bay leaves

Cooking Oxtail Stew

First brown the oxtail pieces, season well with salt and pepper then dust with plain flour the fry in a vegetable oil until they are coloured all over. Only cook a few at a time otherwise all the heat is taken from the cooking surface which slows down the process. Don’t over-heat as you will end up with a large amount of burnt flour in the bottom of the pan. Place the browned meat into a large casserole if possible in a single layer

Add a little more oil into the frying pan and lightly brown the chopped vegetables and garlic. When done add into the casserole. Deglaze the pan with the red wine stirring well to loosen up all the goodness that is stuck to the bottom, add to the rest of the ingredients along with the the Bouquet Garni. At this stage also add the tomato concentrate and Worcester sauce. Top up the casserole with enough water to cover the oxtail and vegetables.

Bring the pan to the boil and then simmer very gently for two hours – maybe longer, the meat is done when it is easy to pull away from the bone. NB This not a dish you can over cook.

Allow the dish to cool and refrigerate over-night. The next day you will be able to lift the excess fat from the dish. Remove the meat and puree the liquid or push through a sieve or both, depending on how fine you like your stew to be.

About 20 minutes before serving reheat the oxtail in the now smooth sauce. Serve with mash potato and some seasonal greens.