We like provide our customers with more details about the provenance of the beef on our counter. This post is about Walter Wight who produces beef at Whitrighill Farm. To provide you with the very best for your plate we look to find premium beef suppliers and producers. We look for beef that has come from slow growing animals that have enjoyed a healthy natural lifestyle and have been fed a wholesome diet. The result is well marbled joints on our shop that deliver excellent flavour. To further improve flavour and texture we mature them on the bone.

Beef Suppliers – Whitrighill Farm

Walter Wight is a 2nd generation farmer based at Whitrighill Farm, a 320 acres near Melrose, where the family have been since 1935. The farm is positioned at 350 feet above sea level and delivers excellent grassland for the cattle to graze on. Walter also has one stockman, Cammie Gray, who lives on the farm and helps with the day to day operations.

A further 1000 acres is contract land farmed across the local area and is operated 365 days of the year. Cammie looks after 800 cattle in total, a mixture of heifer and steers, of which roughly 300 per year are fattened for sale.

Walter’s stock comes from a mixture of cattle bought-in and Walter’s own breeding herds. Walter buys in his cattle personally from the local  St Boswells market and selects a large variety of breeds including: Charolais, Limousin, Simmental, Shorthorn and Belted Galloway. All cattle are fed on grass, stock feed potatoes, barley and grass silage; the silage being home-grown over 200 acres of Walter’s farmland.

Walter has a passion for breeding and therefore has 230 suckler cattle, a pedigree herd of 30 Limousin breeding cows, seven Limousin bulls and one Belgian Blue bull to produce Belgian Blue crosses for sale.
Walter won reserve champion at the 2015 Kelso Show and Champion Dry Cow at the Highland Show 2014.

Know Where You Beef Comes From

Our premium beef suppliers are MacDuff Beef. They are a family owned business now involving the fourth generation. The company is run by Rory Duff who is the grandson of Peter Duff the founder. They specialise in selecting only the most distinctive Scottish beef sourced from a small number of Scottish farms who have uniquely high standards of beef production.

beef tagAll the cattle selected by them are reared naturally and fed only on grass, root crops and grass-based products. This natural diet ensures the full, rich flavour of beef as it used to taste before the introduction of intensive farming techniques. All the meat they send to us is tagged so we can identify where it is from by farm and by breed.

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