Biltong is a cured meat that hails from South Africa The original Dutch settlers who arrived there in the 17th century brought recipes for making biltong with them from Europe.

Before the introduction of refrigeration, the curing process was used to preserve all kinds of meat in South Africa. However today Biltong is most commonly made from beef.

We produce our own very delicious Biltong from an authentic South African recipe and traditional technique. Read on to see how we make it today in Crouch End

Our process for making biltong:

  1. First we select the meat. premium Scotch Beefwhich is produced to very high standards of farm and animal welfare for maximum flavour. In each piece we look for the perfect mix of fat marbling and lean muscle. This ensures really excellent taste and texture to the finished Biltong. Using the best ingredients makes sure that our Biltong is exceptionally good eating.
  2. The next stage is to marinade the Beef in red wine vinegar and our authentic South African blend of herbs and spices (Salt, Pepper & Corriander). We use two recipes “traditional” and “chillibite” – which has an extra spicy kick.
  3. Once the meat has absorbed the flavours the meat is hung in the specialist drier for five days. This cures the meat and leaves enough moisture to remain toothsome but with concentrated flavours. It will last in good condition for several months particularly if you keep it unopened in its vacum pack – if you can avoid eating it for that long.
  4. The finished Biltong strips are then sliced and sold in our shop or packed for dispatch from our online store to reach you in perfect condition.


If you havn’t yet tried it do come and visit our shop in Crouch End (North London) you are welcome to a free sample. You can see more on our location here >> if you are a feeling homesick for South Africa or just craving some excellent beefy taste you know what to do.