We have a new Wood Smoker installed to produce our own local smoked gammon. This latest addition means we can now smoke our own meats on the premises and offer Crouch Enders a new range of locally produced food.

We will be using it for “cold smoking” our own Dry Cured Gammon (also produced on the premises). Cold smoking imparts the richness and  flavour of the maple smoke but not  the heat that would cook the meat.

Typically the smoked gammon joints will be exposed for four to six hours to achieve the perfect taste in the final product.  To make sure we can offer you a really premium product we only use Blythburgh Free Range Pork for the main ingredient. This is to ensure great flavour and texture. See more about our pork here. >>

Interested? Come in and see us whether its for a whole ham (leg), boned and rolled joint or gammon steak.

More about our locally produced Gammon here. >>

Cooking a dry cured smoked gammon

Gammon is very good to eat whether  hot or cold. The general method for cooking is as follows

Boil the joint in a large pan fully covered by water. You should allow 1 hour to the kilo plus 30 minutes at the end. Into your boiling water you should add a bouquet garni and vegetables such as onion, carrot,  leek and turnip as the will all enhance the flavour as well as giving you a tasty ham stock (which is great in a pea soup). At the end of the cooking time if you want to eat it hot remove the skin and serve it with a traditional Madeira or apple sauce.

To eat cold as sliced ham, remove the skin as soon as it has cooled enough to handle then rest the joint – you can roll the meat in toasted breadcrumbs for an attractive presentation. Carve and serve.