We produce our own very tasty Droewors from a traditional and authentic South African recipe.

Our Droewors Process

  1. First we choose the meat. Scotch Beef sourced from MacDuff beef. We use their premium quality  beef which is produced to very high standards of farm and animal welfare for maximum flavour. For the Pork we use free range meat from Blythburgh Pork.
  2. We then combine these together with a generous amount of coriander, nutmeg, cloves, all spice and black pepper. Great quality ingredients ensure an excellent end product for our customers
  3. The sausage is then dipped into the spice mix for extra flavour. Once the meat has absorbed the flavours the sausages are hung in our specialist drier for five days. This cures the sausage but leaves enough moisture to offer a good texture but with concentrated flavours.
  4. The finished Sausages are then hung in the shop in perfect condition ready for our customers

If you havn’t yet tried Droewors come in and see us


Droewors is a perfect snack