This dish makes a lovely Sunday lunch or evening meal but do you know how to cook partridge? We have all the details you need along with the traditional accompaniments. The main ingredient is in the shop now.

About Partridges

There are two species of partridge in the UK. These are the Native Grey which is often referred to as the English Partridge and the other being the red legged Partridge sometimes called the French Partridge. It  is a slightly larger bird but with a milder flavour. Both of these birds make very good eating  having a delicious subtle flavour. For the young birds that we get on our counter early in the season they are best served roasted or you could try pan-frying or the grill. The season partridges runs from the 1st September to 1st February

As Partridge are small birds you should allow one bird per person as a portion. The recipe below uses quantities for four people