This tasty Pork Meatballs recipe is a dish that will be really popular with the whole family. Cooking it with some of our best free range pork from Blythburgh Pork will add something extra too.

About our free range pork

The pork in our shop comes from highly regarded Blythburgh Free Range Pork. A traditional lifestyle makes for brilliant taste and texture. Because it grows at a much slower, more natural rate  our pork acquires a traditional flavour and succulence.

Blythburgh pigs are born outside and spend their entire lives outdoors in the fresh air, with freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around in sandy Suffolk soil and playing with their peers. They have shelter when they need it, in the form of large airy tented barns in each paddock with plenty of bedding straw.  This extra space and activity not only ensures a vastly improved standard of living and welfare, but also results in the pigs growing at a slower rate, for the simple reason that they are burning off more calories than a pig enclosed in a concrete pen for all of it’s life.

You can see more about our pork and suppliers here >>

Herby Pork Meatballs recipe from Supergolden Bakes

This recipe and the lovely photography comes from the well know food blogger Supergolden Bakes. You can find out more here >>

Pork Meatballs Ingredients

To serve 4 people you will need 500g of Blythburgh free range pork mince from Morley Butchers also 4 rashes of bacon. The meatball recipe will work well in a tomato sauce or in a tasty gravy

Supergolden Bakes has all the pork meatball ingredients and cooking method here – plus brown ale gravy Delicious.

I see that there is also a note that says  “the meatballs taste even better as leftovers… and they also freeze really well” So you might want to make and extra large batch in one go.