Have you tried a Herb Fed chicken? We have an tasty addition to our selection of delicious free range chicken suppliers. These free range chickens are fed on fresh herbs and a corn based diet that provides a fee range chicken with a difference.

Herb Fed Chicken Lifestyle

The birds live outside in small flocks with mobile huts for roosting. They are hand-fed and bedded up daily with fresh straw.

As well as foraging in the pasture in a natural way, from 4 weeks old fresh herbs are introduced into the chicken’s diet. The herbs are a mixture including basil, chives, dill, coriander and various salads to name just a few. Their absolute favourite is rocket and when the odd chili arrives there is always a fight for it – the only herb they don’t like is sage!

By 8 weeks old the chickens will eat up to a tonne of fresh herbs each week. In addition to the herbs (sourced from a nearby herb farm) they are fed on locally produced chicken feed that is a corn based diet free from growth promoters and drugs.  The birds are allowed to grow slowly reaching maturity naturally wich allow the them to develop excellent taste and texture. The whole corn mixed in with the feed gives the birds a healthy cover of fat that keeps it moist whilst cooking and adds extra flavour to the meat.

About Herb Fed Chicken

Herb Fed was founded by Edward Wilkinson, chartered surveyor turned farmer! Edward left London in the credit crunch and with farming in his blood, returned to Yorkshire to develop his own business.

He wanted to produce poultry of quality, but with a special difference that set it apart from others. He could also see the shift from mass produced supermarket meat, to a call for provenance and traceability.

These chickens have had much praise and many accolades from TV and Michelin starred chefs, food critics and in 2017 Herb Fed Chicken was awarded a 2-star Great Taste award, which means judges dubbed it outstanding.


You can find out more about Herb Fed on their website >>