Want to try some of our own cured in Crouch End Gammon? Here is a delicious recipe that would work very well.

We produce our own Gammon in the shop using @BlythburghPork – great taste and truly free range. The pork is Dry cured for up to twenty one days to cure the meat resulting in a superb concentrated flavour, deeper colour and an excellent texture. You can see more on our own locally produced Gammon here >> (We do a smoked version as well.)

Thanks to the Love Pork website for this recipe lovepork


This recipe is is for approximately 5 people and will take about sixty minutes to cook.


1kg (2¼lb) Good quality, dry cured,
unsmoked Morley Butchers gammon joint
300ml (½pt) Sweet cider
15ml (1tbsp) Apple sauce
30ml (2tbsp) Calvados / brandy (optional)
4 Whole apples
15–30ml (1–2tbsp) Muscovado sugar



Pre-heat oven to Gas Mark 4-5, 180°C, 350°F.

Weigh the joint and calculate the cooking time:

20 mins per 450g/1/2kg (1lb) plus 20 mins.

(About 1 hour for 1kg joint)

Double line a large roasting pan with foil. Place joint in roasting pan and pour over the cider, apple sauce, calvados and add whole apples.

Place another piece of foil on top and roast in oven. Baste and turn joint over half way through cooking

Remove joint carefully from oven. Remove rind from joint and score the fat. Baste the joint with the juice and sprinkle the fat with sugar and return to oven for further 10-15 minutes to brown.

The juices can be used as a sauce, but taste first as
they may need a spoonful of brown sugar depending
on the saltiness of the joint.


Serve thickly sliced with apples and roasted vegetables.