Seasonal Game

A Tasty Choice

Game is wild, natural and free range with a distinctive flavour making it a great alternative other meats. As it is low in cholesterol and high in protein Game is one of the healthiest meats available today.

What is available when?

We stock a wide range of seasonal game when in season (generally the winter months – see the table below for more details). Our range typically includes:

Pheasant, Partridge, Pigeon, Mallard, Grouse, Rabbit, Venison and Hares

Let us know what you need and we can source it for you if not already available in the shop.

seasonal game

We do have fresh venison at other times of year depending on availability. We can also supply frozen game out of season.

Game can only be shot during specific times of the years and a basic guide to the shooting seasons is given in the table.

Please get in touch, we can help with your game requirements.

Game Species Season Dates
Grouse 12th August (Glorious Twelfth) to 10th December
Pheasant 1st October to 1st February
Partridge 1st September to 1st February
Duck and Goose 1st September to 31st January
Hare 1st August to 29th February
Red Deer Stags 1st August to 30th April (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
1st July to 20th October (Scotland)
Red Deer Hinds 1st November to 31st March (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
21st October to 15th February (Scotland)
Sika Deer Stags 1st August to 30th April (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
Sika Deer Hinds 1st November to 31st March (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
21st October to 15th February (Scotland)
Fallow Deer Bucks 1st August to 30th April
Fallow Deer Does 1st November to 31st March (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
21st October to 15th February (Scotland)
Roe Deer Bucks 1st April to 31st October (England and Wales)
1st April to 20th October (Scotland)
Roe Deer Does 1st November to 31st March (England and Wales)
21st October to 31st March (Scotland)

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