Free Range Chicken

herb fed chicken

Free Range Chickens

We offer selection of tasty free range chickens from several suppliers including Sutton Hoo in Suffolf and Herb Fed in Yorkshire. These are all slow growing birds that have enjoyed free range lifestyles and wholesome diets that ensure excellent flavour.

Best Quality Farm Chickens

We are supplied direct from our producers who are all rearing free-range chickens in the traditional way – producing the best birds for customers using the highest welfare standards.

High Welfare and Wholesome Diet

All of our suppliers keep the birds in flocks outside in the meadows. This promotes natural behaviours in the chickens and also allows them to forage at will.

With plenty of  access to the out side world the chickens have all the space they need with grassy pasture to graze, insects in the bottom of the hedge to scratch out or small field shelters to rest in.

The birds develop naturally with plenty of exercise which is great for flavour and texture in the meat for your table. These chickens grow slowly to maturity. For comparison this process is nearly double the lifespan of a basic supermarket chicken.

Diet is very important in producing very tasty free range chicken. These birds eat cereals free from any additives and growth hormones.

free range chicken

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