You might have noticed a new label on our counter. We are now stocking free range Beech Ridge Farm chickens. These are very tasty slow growing birds that have enjoyed a natural diet and lifestyle.

About Beech Ridge Farm Chickens

All Beech Ridge Farm chickens are grown slowly which means they are allowed to develop at their own natural growth rate. Typically they will take between 10-12 weeks to reach a mature state. This is twice as long as a conventional chicken which with growth promoters and limited space to roam can be in the shops in as little as six weeks. Slower growth rates and plenty of exercise gives these birds real depth of flavour and a wonderful tender texture.

On Beech Ridge Farm chickens are reared in small groups and fed on a simple grain diet, free from artificial additives and routine antibiotics. The birds enjoy complete free range access to the beautiful grass of the Devon/ Somerset boarders and are free to roam from dawn to dusk.

Chris and Hollie started Beech Ridge Farm in November 2009 after moving from Chris’s family farm to expand their poultry enterprise. (Chris’s love for poultry began as a child where he started rearing geese as a hobby.)

The processing of all of the birds is done on site at Beech Ridge Farm by Chris who is a qualified slaughter man. This means they are able to make sure that the chickens do not have to experience any long journeys to a factory and that they lead a stress free life right to the very end. This ensures that consumers get the highest quality of meat for their plate and the birds enjoy the highest welfare standards.

Once slaughtered, they are hung for up to 5 days. The process of hanging allows the carcass to relax and mature developing a superb taste and texture to the meat. All the dressing is all done manually which means there is careful handling of the chicken before it reaches the shop. All giblets are saved and presented with each chicken, just right for making some traditional gravy to go with your roast.

Come in and try one, perfect for a tasty Sunday lunch.