Easter is only a week away. Its a time of year when we love to sit down to a large tasty meal with family and friends. Come and see us to place your Easter orders to get what you need to make it a real memorable meal.

If you are planning a larger meal we suggest a turkey, free range cockerel or one of our larger chickens from Phil Truin. These birds are very popular (being so tasty) so place your Easter orders in the shop now to avoid any disappointment.

If you are a smaller gathering we suggest a lovely Fosse Meadows Free Range Chicken.

Free Range Easter Roast Chicken

We are supplied direct from Fosse Meadows Farm, situated near Lutterworth in Leicestershire a stones throw from the nature park to which the farm owes its name. Their birds have a genuinely free range lifestyles along with a natural diet. This combination allows the birds to grow in a natural way which gives them a much better full flavour and wonderful texture.

Fosse Meadows Chickens are a breed that is well suited to growing slowly and enjoying an outdoor life. They roam freely over many acres of pasture which is rich in various plant and insect species creating a completely natural environment. Plenty of exercise allows them to develop naturally, promoting muscle growth.

They are fed on a natural protein-rich mix of mainly cereal. Plenty of local maize gives the birds a lovely golden colour

Fosse Meadows chickens really do have a far better flavour.

Spring Lamb for Easter

spring lamb blackboard

spring lamb blackboard

Roast lamb is also a very traditional choice and spring lamb is just becoming available. A Leg of Spring Lamb would be very tasty choice – Again these are very popular so place you Easter Orders in the shop.

New season Spring Lamb will vary in taste and texture, according to the age of the animal and the type of pasture it was grazed on. Spring lamb is available from early Spring until the Summer. It is very tender and has a more refined flavour as it has not had as much time to graze.

The popularity of New season lamb is  due to its delicate flavour and succulent, tender texture. The younger the animal is the more tender the meat and milder the flavour with a hint of sweetness.