The date for Easter lunch this year is on Sunday 1st of April. Easter is a great time to gather together friends and family to enjoy some great food and a glass of wine. Great ingredients will make sure that whatever meal you want to prepare it will be really tasty. To make sure you are not disappointed, place your Easter orders in the shop now and you will have what you need for a real memorable meal.

Lamb For A Classic Easter Lunch

Roast lamb must be the classic and traditional choice for an Easter lunch and a leg will make a very tasty choice for a Easter -As above they are very popular so place you Easter orders in the shop. You can find our more about how we source and select our lamb here >>

We have some great lamb recipes here >>

Larger Easter Roast Chicken Or Turkey

If you are planning a larger meal we suggest one of our larger chickens from Phil Truin. These birds are very popular (being so tasty) so place your Easter orders in the shop now to avoid any disappointment.

Roast Gammon Easter Lunch

We cure our own Gammon in the shop. We start with the best quality free range Blythburgh Pork. Then using a traditional manual process (and allowing plenty of time) we create a truly exceptional range of dry cured Gammon for our customers. The joints have superior taste and texture. Come in a see us to order a whole ham (leg), boned and rolled joints.  You can see more about our gammon here >>

We have good gammon recipes here >>

Free Range Easter Roast Chicken

If you are a smaller gathering we suggest a lovely Free range chicken We are supplied from Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. Our  supplier deliver birds that have had a genuinely free range lifestyle along with a wholesome natural diet. This combination ensures the birds grow in a natural way which gives them a much better fuller flavour and wonderful texture. Lots more on our chicken here >>

Check our recipes for roast chicken here >>