We have the duck, @iamtootoomoo has the recipe #CrouchEndFinest. This Duck and Watermelon Salad is a favorite dish from local Crouch End restaurant Tootoomoo. They are well known for their fresh and healthy Pan Asian food.

Dating back to Imperial China and the time of the Ming Dynasty, Peking Duck holds a prestigious place in the hearts of Chinese cuisine; becoming one of many national dishes. A modern twist on a national tradition; Aromatic Duck & Watermelon is Pan Asian food at its greatest.

To serve 4-5 people

 Ingredients for Duck and Watermelon Salad

350g seedless watermelon
750g duck – to make confit*
50g shallots thinly sliced
100g cucumber sticks
50g cashew nuts, fried and coarsely chopped
1 Grated carrot
Handful of roughly chopped iceburg lettuce,
Handful mint leaves,
 coriander leaves.  

10tbsp hoisin sauce
125g thai sweet fish sauce
1 tbsp chilli flakes

Preperation Duck and Watermelon Salad

1. Fry the duck confit* in hot oil until golden and crispy.  Remove, pat dry and (de-bone leg portions).  Cut/shred into approx 2cm peices.

2.  Mix the duck with Hoisin sauce (1tbsp per portion) and then add the salad ingredients.

3. Season with chilli flakes, fish sauce and arrange in bowl and serve.

*Quick confit method: Take the duck portions pat them dry with some kitchen towel. Salt them very well (more than you think). Place in the oven at a low heat 150 c and cook gently for 1.5 to 2 hours. For the last 15 minutes raise the heat to 200 c to achieve a lovely golden brown. You can do this a day or so in advance before making this Duck & Watermelon recipe.

**Specialist ingredients are available at the Tootoomoo mini market in Crouch End

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