One of our talented customers recently tweeted a picture of some of our duck legs used in this recipe. This provoked some conversation and interest online and in the shop. Its a Mexican recipe with slow simmer to give a smooth rich sauce and very tender meat. Delightfully it comes from Tomasina Miers who is real Mexican expert (Queen of tacos according to her Instagram Bio) so we are in very good hands.

Thomasina Miers Home Cook

About Thomasina Miers

Thomasina  is a well known chef, food columnist and author. She is a former MasterChef winner and also the founder of the Wahaca group of Mexican restaurants. This recipe comes from her recipe book “Home Cook” which is published by Faber & Faber. This guide for the home cook is about enjoying good food any day of the week.  The recipes made up of family classics or food inspired by her travels and her favourite food-writers and chefs.

You can find out more about Tomasina on her website

 Ingredients for Duck Leg With Veracruz Tomato Sauce

4 duck legs from Morley Butchers
1 tbsp of olive oil
1 Large onion,  finely chopped
2 carrots, finely diced
1/2 fennel bulb, finely chopped
2 celery sticks, finely diced
4 garlic cloves, large, finely chopped
3 or 4 Bay leaves, (preferably fresh)
1 handful of fresh Oregano or Thyme leaves
1 cinnamon stick, large
1 star anise
800g of tinned plum tomatoes
100ml of sherry, Manzanilla
200ml of chicken stock (Available from Morley Butchers)
40g of pickled jalapeños
40g of capers
120g of green olives, pitted and roughly chopped

Cooking Method For Duck Leg With Veracruz Tomato Sauce

First season the duck legs generously with salt and pepper and leave for 10–15 minutes to come to room temperature

Heat the oil in a large, heavy-based casserole and add the legs, skin-side down. Keep the heat on medium-high and brown the legs, rendering the fat for about 15 minutes, decanting as much fat as possible halfway through and adjusting the heat so that the skin crisps and browns but does not burn. Once they are a lovely golden colour, transfer them to a plate. You should have about 4 tbsp duck fat in the pan

Add the onion, reduce the heat to medium and sweat gently for 5 minutes before adding the carrots, fennel and garlic. Season generously and allow the vegetables to soften in the fat for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally

Now add the herbs, spices, tomatoes, sherry and stock and cook for about 5 minutes, breaking up the tomatoes with a wooden spoon and bringing everything up to a gentle simmer

Return the duck legs, along with any juices, back to the casserole and add a lid, slightly askew to allow some gentle evaporation of the sauce

Stew very gently over a low heat, so that the sauce is barely bubbling, for about 1 1/2 hours or until the duck meat is tender and falls away from the bone

About 10 minutes before the end of cooking, stir in the jalapeños, capers and olives. Check and adjust the seasoning and serve with brown basmati rice and some sautéed greens

Photography credit Tara Fisher