We want to keep our customers updated on how we are responding to the spread of coronavirus following the latest Government advice and guidance that seeks to reduce the spread of the disease.

These are challenging times but we are working hard to ensure we can remain open; operating in a way that keeps our staff and shoppers safe, whilst supplying fresh, high quality food for our customers. To do this we are opening on a “click and collect” basis to keep contacts to a minimum and improve safety for everybody.

Delivery And Collection

  • Please allow 48 hours to process all orders.
  • We have access to nearly all of our usual stock so we can supply your regular order but it can take a little longer than usual
  • Please let us know what you require and we will do our best to supply what you want.
  • Delivery requests are limited and need to made by phone. NB We are prioritising our elderly and vulnerable customers
  • You will need to include your phone contact details.
  • Both collection and the limited local delivery service are subject to availability and opening times
  • We will now be in the shop Tuesday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm and Saturday 9.30am to 2.30pm 
  • On days where if there are no orders being collected and no customers on the high street we may close a little earlier
  • To keep interactions and contacts minimal we suggest ordering enough to cover several meals and some freezer storage

Coronavirus Actions And Precautions

  • We are still able to get deliveries however there are some gaps in frequency and this will mean that we not have our usual full range all the time. We will continue to do our best with whatever is available
  • Some disruption to our range is inevitable and we are already seeing some price changes were there is scarcity
  • We will need extra time to restock and prepare our meat products before opening also extra time for a full sanitisation of all the surfaces in the shop. As a result there are changes to opening times
  • As a food shop we always adhere to the government and health and safety guidelines to ensure our displays and food handling are safe. In the current crisis we are taking extra precautions with additional hand washing, sanitising and cleaning throughout the day. This will slow down normal service, so we do ask for your patience
  • As a further measure for protection of staff and customers we are only allowing one customer into our small shop at any one time. This will allow a safe social distance for all. Please queue were indicated outside and at a safe social distance
  • We allocate collection times for all orders to avoid queues or congestion
  • We are using contactless payments wherever possible
  • We will endeavour to make collections and delivery contact free or minimal contact to protect customers and staff alike
  • We appreciate and thank all our customers for their support and understanding

This is a constantly changing situation and advice from the Government will continue to update, we will follow any developments and adapt accordingly. You can check this website or follow our social media channels for any changes.

  • We remind everybody to wash/sanitise their hands regularly and ask if you have any symptoms associated with the coronavirus please stay at home and send someone else to shop for you