A Christmas roast duck is a very satisfying alternative to turkey and works very well for a smaller festive gathering. A roasted duck, has a rich and distinctive gamey flavour and a very crispy skin. Similar to a goose it gives off fat that is great for roasting potatoes.  Duck goes very well with fruit and pairing with orange is a great seasonal match, a port sauce will also work really well. You can find our roast duck recipe and cooking tips here >>

Free Range Christmas Roast Duck

Our Ducks are supplied by Elaine and Daryn Williams at Madgett’s Farm. This award winning farm produces exceptionally high quality poultry from their beautiful location overlooking the Wye Valley.  The Williams family has farmed there for over 42 years, milking a dairy herd and raising beef cattle. Daryn’s grandmother had always raised some geese and turkeys for Christmas, giving them to family and friends. The birds were delicious and word spread. Gradually the numbers of birds raised each year grew, to the point that in 2001 Daryn and his wife Elaine decided to make a year round business of poultry.

The birds are Aylesbury Peking cross ducks which are fed on a natural diet which is a special blend of home grown feed which is GM and additive free. The birds are allowed to grow slowly to full maturity. This wholesome lifestyle creates fat marbling through out the meat which delivers a deeper flavour and better texture, for great eating.

In order to deliver a really high quality bird for your meal  the birds are finished by hand  and they use a dry wax plucking system

Order Early – Avoid Disappointment

A Christmas roast duck  is a popular festive choice so to make sure you have what you want we recommend that you place your order in the shop. We are not taking any orders by email or over the phone). Please note in these uncertain times we are asking all customers for a non-refundable deposit of £30.