A Christmas roast duck is a very satisfying alternative to turkey and works very well for a festive gathering. A roasted duck, has a rich and distinctive gamey flavour and a very crispy skin. Similar to a goose it gives off fat that is great for roasting potatoes.  Duck goes very well with fruit and pairing with orange is a great seasonal match, a port sauce will also work really well. You can find our roast duck recipe and cooking tips here >>

Free Range Christmas Roast Duck

Our ducks come from Great Clerkes Farm in Essex where the Hughes family has been producing the finest free-range poultry for three generations. They get all of their chicks from the hatchery when they are one day old, raise them on a bed of sawdust when they are very young and then on homegrown straw as they get older. They live under gas or electric brooders at a temperature of about 29⁰C for the first week. The temperature in the chick houses is then reduced over a fortnight until it is similar to room temperature.

They rear a large white Aylesbury cross-breed of duck. As soon as they are old enough as even as youngsters the ducks are paddling, bathing, spilling, splashing and sloshing around in their drinkers. Outdoors, they have huge drinkers that they can go wild in and make as much mess as they want. The birds are produced over a longer growing period (around 12-20 weeks for chickens and more for the other birds) than most mass production poultry farms, the birds have a longer time to enjoy the outdoors and develop a genuinely succulent flavour.

Order Early – Avoid Disappointment

A Christmas roast duck  is a popular festive choice so to make sure you have what you want we recommend that you place your order in the shop. We are not taking any orders by email or over the phone). Please note we are asking all customers for a non-refundable deposit of £30.