Its time to be placing  Christmas orders with us for your seasonal eating. Christmas meals with our family and friends are something that we want to be memorable and really tasty. We can supply you with the very best ingredients to make a fantastic festive feast. Make your order in the shop now and ensure you don’t miss out.

 Christmas Orders For Goose Or Turkey

Roast Turkey with all the trimmings is one of the most popular Christmas dinners. We source our Free Range Turkeys from Salix Farm in the Essex countryside. They are a family business who have been producing traditional turkeys for the Christmas market for over 50 years. Giving their birds very high welfare standards and a natural lifestyle imparts plenty of taste to these birds. Their Turkeys are delivered to us fresh, boxed and oven ready. You can

Roast Goose with all the trimmings is one of the most traditional of Christmas meals. (It is only in the last century that Turkey has become so popular). Wonderful flavour, succulent meat, crispy skin makes a great choice. Our free-range Geese are supplied by Phil Truin. These free range Geese are reared from day olds in small batches in freshly strawed barns until they are robust enough to enjoy the meadows outside. When the Geese are fully mature the slaughter, dry-plucking and finishing is all done on site. These high welfare standards along with a traditional lifestyle ensure good eating, excellent flavour and texture.

Order Christmas Turkey or Goose In The Shop

To make sure you have what you need for a really tasty celebration come in and see us to discuss sizes and weights you might require; orders need to be made in the shop. Turkeys and Geese come in a wide variety of sizes so will do our best to match your requirements as closely as we can.  You will be able to pick up orders from our shop right up until Christmas Eve.

Don’t forget all the other tasty extras you might want to go with the meal such as chipolatas, bacon and sausage meat for the stuffing?

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