Roast free range goose with all the trimmings is one of the most traditional of festive meals. Wonderful flavour, succulent meat, crispy skin makes it a great choice plus all the Goose Fat that will keep you in amazing roast potatoes for several months!

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Award Winning Free Range Goose

Our geese come from Great Clerkes Farm in Essex where the Hughes family has been producing the finest free-range poultry for three generations.

They rear a breed called Legarth Geese.which produces a wonderful, full-flavor and high meat yield. Their geese are renowned for flavoursome, moist meat that is rich and firm with a natural marbling of fat. It was these qualities that have won these geese a Great Taste Award and delighted the palate of Heston Blumenthal. He selected these geese for his BBC Christmas special during a blind taste test and named them as the tastiest in the land!

two star great taste award for free range goose
roast great clerkes farm goose

Wholesome Natural Lifestyle

The geese arrive on the farm as day-old goslings in mid-June and, similar to the chickens, they have heat lamps in their barns and are fed on a specialist goose crumb when they are young, before moving on to a wheat diet when they are older. When they are old enough, the geese spend their days out in the meadows surrounding the farm and have access to the meadow grass and fallen fruits from the trees around the farm. The geese love to inspect anything in their way and can often be found tackling any farm machinery in their field. At the end of the day the birds bed down in large barns filled with soft barley straw.

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