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Morley Butchers ideas for Christmas dinner

Christmas comes but once a year so we all want to make the main meal really special particularly in these trying times. We have a great selection of traditional fare that will suit many different Christmas dinner combinations of diners and family favourites.

To avoid any disappointment please place you order in the shop (we are not taking any orders by email or over the phone). Please note we are asking all customers for a non-refundable deposit of £30.

Christmas Turkey

christmas turkey and box

Roast Turkey with all the trimmings is one of the most popular and traditional of Christmas dinners.It will feed a large number and more as cold cuts the next day.

We have sourced our Free Range Turkeys from Salix Farm in the Essex countryside who have been producing traditional turkeys for the Christmas market for over 50 years High welfare standards and a natural lifestyle give these birds plenty of taste. The birds are delivered to us fresh, boxed and oven ready.

Cooking your Turkey

Not something you cook every day so here are a few experts to offer advice, recipes and cooking times:

Our own Morley Butchers Christmas Turkey Guide here >>

Or if you would like a little more celebrity…

Jamie Oliver Christmas Turkey>>
Christmas cook’s guide: Turkey >>
How to roast Turkey – Deliah Online >> 
How to roast Turkey – Sophie Grigson >> (video and recipe)

Roast beef for Christmas Dinner

If you are looking for an alternative to Turkey, Beef is a superb large centre piece roast for Christmas Dinner. Impressive looking, full of flavour and more than enough to go round. We recommend an 28 day aged rib of Scotch Beef.

No matter what cut of beef you choose the quality will be the same. All our beef is specially selected Scottish beef from grass fed herds, raised traditionally in Scotland. Produced to the highest standards of farm and animal welfare. Only cattle from fully traceable herds of genuine Scottish origin are eligible.This beef is then aged on the bone for extra flavour, succulence and tenderness.

More about our beef here >>

Christmas Beef

xmas roast beef

Roast Christmas Gammon

christmas dinner gammon

Gammon at Christmas

A very traditional joint for a hot meal or cold cuts a ham joint is very versatile item for your Christmas entertaining. All our Ham and Gammon is dry cured here in the shop using Blythburgh Free Range Pork. Their pigs have a totally free range lifestyle born and raised outside with access to shelter within their large paddocks. The pigs are allowed to grow at a natural rate which delivers a superb flavour and succulence (more about our Pork)

More on our Gammon here >>

Cooking your Christmas Ham

Try some of these suggestions, recipes and cooking times for serving Ham at Christmas:

How to roast glazed ham Delia Online >>
Honey and marmalade-glazed gammon By The Hairy Bikers >>
Ham in Coca Cola – Nigella >>

Christmas Roast Duck

A Christmas roast duck is a very satisfying alternative to turkey and works very well for a smaller festive gathering. Our ducks come from Great Clerkes Farm in Essex where the Hughes family has been producing the finest free-range poultry for three generations. They raise a large white Aylesbury cross-breed of duck which is known for excellent flavour.

A roasted duck, has a rich and distinctive gamey flavour and a very crispy skin. Similar to a goose it give off fat that is great for roasting potatoes.  Duck goes very well with fruit and pairing with orange is a great seasonal match, a port sauce will also work really well. You can find our roast duck recipe and cooking tips here >>

Roast Christmas Duck

Roast Pork For Christmas

xmas dinner pork crackerling

Roast Pork Christmas Dinner

Christmas Roast Pork is a long standing traditional festive meal. So if you have yet to select what will be on the menu for your Christmas Dinner Roast Pork might be the perfect choice.

In past times many rural or farm households around the UK would keep at least one or more pigs. These households would devote themselves to fattening the pig with lots of kitchen scraps and kitchen garden waste with the end result being a plentiful supply of pork for the family. The leg was thought of as the prime joint on the pig and would be reserved Christmas.

Very few people keep a pig today but we can help with some delicious Free Range Blythburgh Pork. Their pigs are born outside and spend their entire lives outdoors in the fresh air, with freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around in sandy Suffolk soil. These pigs enjoy a wholes some and natural diet. By growing at a much slower, more natural rate, Blythburgh Free Range Pork acquires a traditional flavour and succulence that has been largely forgotten in today’s mass produced pork. See more about them here >>

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