Fed up with the current cold weather? This recipe is just right – comfort food but not too heavy. In China, the ultimate comfort food is the braised meat dish. Traditionally, pork belly or trotter is the preferred choice of meat as they are very tender and tasty. However this recipe uses chicken thigh, a tender part of the bird with good texture that responds well to slower cooking. Using chicken produces a lighter dish that fits well with a health conscious diet and lifestyle.

Come in and see us for for the best chicken and free range eggs, (Also pork belly or trotters if you are making the variations).

tootoomoo-logoThis is a Chinese Braised Chicken recipe from popular local Crouch End restaurant Tootoomoo. They a well known for their fresh and healthy Pan Asian food. If you are looking for  some of the specialist ingredients many are available at the Tootoomoo mini market in the Crouch End restaurant.

Chinese Braised Chicken Recipe Ingredients

4-6 pieces of chicken thigh from Morley Butchers
4 Free range eggs from Morley Butchers
3 slices of ginger
4-5 birds eye chilli
4-5 cloves star anise
3 tablespoons dark soy sauce
3 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
3 tablespoons Shao Xing wine
3-4 teaspoons honey or brown sugar
2 cans of lager

Cooking Chinese Braised Chicken

Heat a deep pan or casserole on high and coat with light layer of oil
Put the chicken skin down first then turn to brown all over
Pour in enough lager to cover the chicken and bring to boil
Add the ginger, chillies, soy, wine, star anise and sugar (if you prefer the dish to be spicy, crush the chillies beforehand  to release more heat )
Remain on high heat till the alcohol evaporates and the aroma starts to develop. Switch to low heat and simmer for an hour
Meanwhile, put the eggs in pan with cold water. Once the water starts boiling, starts a 7 minutes countdown to get the perfect hard boiled eggs
Shell the eggs and cut into halves and add into the now super tender braised chicken pot and simmer for a further 30 min
Do not worry about overcooking this dish. Like most slow cooked dishes, it develops over time
Honey/ sugar can be added in the end to taste

Served over boiled rice


It could be made vegetarian by using tofu, aubergine and daikon (radish) instead
Dark soy is used mainly for browning the dish, you could go with a lot less if desire
In case of not being able to source star anise, cloves or fennel could also do the trick
Lager gives a subtle caramelised flavour but you can use water or stock

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