We stock a wide range of game, when in season. Game is a healthy alternative to Lamb Pork or Beef as it is low in cholesterol and high in protein. Posts here tell you whats good right now also recipes and tips for cooking.

Pheasant With Sage and Juniper Berries

Roast pheasant with sage and juniper is a lovely flavour combination that has a distinct Italian flair. About Pheasants Pheasants are one of the most plentiful of Britain’s game bird species and one of the best known.  If you make an autumnal trip to the countryside you will often see the males strutting their stuff - easily identified by their distinctive [...]

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Game Season

The game season is now in full swing. It is the best time of year for these wild meats and we have plenty of choice on our counter. Pheasant, Partridge, Pigeon, Mallard, Hare and Venison are all looking good. Game is wild, natural and free range with a distinctive flavour making it a great alternative to beef, [...]

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Guinea Fowl Recipe

Guinea fowl has a delicious flavour somewhere between chicken and pheasant. This shows its origins as a game bird. They are of course now domesticated and available throughout the year. One bird will provide a good meal for two people. About Guinea Fowl These very pretty birds have distinctive dark grey or black with white speckled plumage. They [...]

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Pheasant Bacon Recipe

Try this pheasant bacon recipe perfect for the young birds available in the shop right now. About Pheasants The pheasant is one of the most plentiful of Britain's game bird species and it is probably the best known.  They can often be seen in the countryside at this time of year the males being readily [...]

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Pot roasted pheasant

Try this Pot Roasted Pheasant recipe. Lots of great game flavours and a very warming meal. Serve with fondant potatoes and traditional bread sauce. Ingredients for Pot Roasted Pheasant For the Pot Roasted Pheasant 50 ml vegetable oil 2 pheasants from Morley Butchers 2 rashers smoked streaky bacon from Morley Butchers 8 shallots peeled and left whole 2 carrots [...]

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How To Cook Partridge

This dish makes a lovely Sunday lunch or evening meal but do you know how to cook partridge? We have all the details you need along with the traditional accompaniments. The main ingredient is in the shop now. About Partridges There are two species of partridge in the UK. These are the Native Grey which is [...]

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