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We cure our own Gammon here in Crouch End, North London using the best ingredients that we source from Blythburgh Free Range Pork in Suffolk. Their animals enjoy a very natural lifestyle and diet with very high welfare standards. By starting with the best quality Pork, using a traditional manual process and allowing plenty of time allows us to create a truly exceptional range of Gammon. We also offer our own smoked Gammon for an even richer flavour.

The supplier of our bacon range also sources from Blythburgh Free Range Pork to ensure great texture and taste.

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Maple Cider Gammon recipe

Try this delicious Gammon recipe with a Maple Syrup and Cider glaze. From a recent book by local resident Anne Faber who is a journalist, award winning food blogger and TV cook. So we are in good hands. Morley Butchers Gammon - real local food Starting with the best quality Blythburgh Free Range Pork, using a [...]

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Sausage Breakfast

Butchers Sausages and our Free Range Eggs are perfect for this #SausageWeek recipe. The Sausage Breakfast is quick and easy to make and will make a great weekend breakfast  or brunch. This recipe comes from who promote breakfast week and is just one of their breakfast week suggestions. Best Butchers Sausages We stock a range of high [...]

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Breakfast Bruschetta

@BlythburghPork bacon and our Free Range Eggs are perfect for this @breakfastweek recipe. TV Chef Dean Edwards has developed this delicious breakfast bruschetta which is perfect for sharing at weekends with friends or family.  It's high in protein, so can keep you feeling full for longer, and the tomatoes provide one of your 5-a-day. The recipe comes [...]

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Breakfast from Morley Butchers

Its #BreakfastWeek We have every thing you need for an amazing breakfast or a lazy weekend #Brunch Breakfast Week  returns in 2015  to celebrate the most important meal of the day.  Running from 25th - 31st January the campaign is calling on the nation to make time for breakfast as there are numerous benefits.  It has been [...]

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Chicken Balmoral – Haggis recipe

Chicken Balmoral is a great Burns Night dish for those who like Haggis but prefer it not to be the main ingredient . This classic recipe has it used as stuffing inside a chicken breast then wrapped in bacon. The life of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet, is celebrated every year on 25th January. Burns [...]

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Crouch End Digital Food Festival 10% OFFER

We are part of the Crouch End Digital Food Festival. 10% Offer applies all month! Just show your Crouch End Card and we make you bill 10% smaller. Plus a special online Biltong discount. (details below) October marks the start of a month long digital food festival here in Crouch End. It is the first [...]

Morley Butchers – Slow Food London Approved

Slow Food London. We have been added to their list of approved retailers in capital. About Slow Food London The Slow Food movement is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a grassroots movement created in 1989 in Italy by Carlo Petrini to counter the rise of fast food and fast [...]

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Gammon, Roasted with cider, calvados & apples

Want to try some of our own cured in Crouch End Gammon? Here is a delicious recipe that would work very well. We produce our own Gammon in the shop using @BlythburghPork - great taste and truly free range. The pork is Dry cured for up to twenty one days to cure the meat resulting [...]