Have you tried some of the tasty British charcuterie from our deli counter? We are stocking a great selection from Chiltern Charcuterie based in South Buckinghamshire making delicious charcuterie and British handmade cured meats such as salami, coppa and bresaola.

All the Chiltern Charcuterie produce is handmade, and is hung for a minimum of 28 days to allow full flavour to develop. The salami and coppa are made from British free range pork from local farmers, carefully selected for taste and quality. The delicious Air-dried beef comes from Dexter Cattle reared on a small local farm in Oving, Buckinghamshire.

Charcuterie making is based on a two-stage process:

1. Cure the meat in salt for a time period. This effectively cooks the meat in salt, enabling the meat to be preserved.

2. The meat is hung to air dry and to lose moisture which will complete the product This period can range from 10 days to 2 years depending on the product.

Our British Charcuterie Selection

Air-dried Dexter Beef (Bresaola)

The beef is marinated in Rioja Reserve, then cured with rosemary, pepper, salt and sugar.  It is hung for a minimum of six weeks to develop a delicate and elegant flavour.

Port & Garlic Salami

A great combination of great Pork and delicate spices to develop a subtle mild flavour. This Salami is hung for a minimum of six weeks to develop the full flavour profile. The salami ingredients include Pork, port, pepper, garlic and salt.

Garlic & Pepper Salami

A spicy salami combining garlic, fennel, cayenne pepper and dash of Red Wine, giving a little taste kick. This Salami is hung for a minimum of six weeks to enhance the flavour. Salami ingredients include pork, red wine, garlic, fennel, cayenne pepper, garlic and salt.


The Coppa muscle is the shoulder of pork which is claimed to be the tastiest part of the pig. Coppa is hung for a minimum of six weeks.  Chiltern Coppa ingredients include fennel, juniper berries, garlic, pepper and salt.

You can find out more about Chiltern Charcuterie on their website here >>