We have some good looking black puddings on our counter from The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company who have won many awards with their traditional recipes.

What is Black Pudding

It is a dark almost black sausage made from blood mixed with fat and oatmeal along with seasoning and some spices that will vary with different producers and regional cuisines.  Typically the sausage  can be cut into rounds, or crumbled into small pieces then boiled, fried or grilled . As well as traditional British black pudding, similar blood sausages are served across the world – French ‘boudin noir’ and Spanish ‘morcilla’ being two well-known examples.

You can find Black Puddings in all areas from the Market Stall to the very best restaurants or making appearances with chefs such as Rick Stein, Simmon Rimmer, Heston Blumenthal.

The Bury Black Pudding

The Bury Type is considered to be one of the most traditional forms. During the mid to late 1800’s, there were a lot of pudding makers in Bury, some actually producing in their own houses. Bury soon became a hot spot for the sausage and is still famous for it to this day. Every Butchers shop sold Black Puddings all using slight variations of the Bury recipe, Bury market still has a reputation for these puddings.

The defining factor of a Bury pudding is the recipe and ones from The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company are made using one that has been handed down through generations and dates back to 1879.

Award Winning

There are many competitions held all over Europe to find the ‘Best Black Pudding’, where products are submitted, tasted and ranked by Judges. The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company has won over 170 awards across Europe and holds the title of Undisputed British Champion and Best Black Pudding in Britain.

You can see more about our supplier on their website