This beef topside roast is a very tasty meal that is boneless, easy to carve and ready in under an hour. Lots of extra flavour from the crust of seasoning, mustard, garlic puree which makes a delicious and easy glaze. We source the very best Scotch Beef for the shop that has come from slow growing animals that have enjoyed a natural lifestyle and wholesome diet. This delivers real taste and well marbled joints. Secondly we matured on the bone for between 21 and 28 days (or longer) for extra flavour. This produces a succulent, full flavoured product for our customers. See more on our beef here >>

The meal takes an hour to get ready. Preparation time will be about 10 minutes and the cooking time will be 50 minutes. Quantities below will make a generous meal for two.

Ingredients For Beef Topside Roast With Mustard Glaze

1 x 400-450g topside joint from Morley Butchers
Salt and freshly milled black pepper
30ml/2tbsp Dijon mustard or similar
10ml/2tsp crushed/grated or purée garlic
15ml/1tbsp rapeseed or olive oil

Cooking Method For Beef Topside Roast With Mustard Glaze

Preheat the oven to Gas mark 5, 190°C, 375°F.

Next prepare the the crust mixture in a small bowl by mixing together the mustard, garlic purée and enough of the oil to make a thick paste that will stick to the top of the meat.

Placing the beef topside joint on a chopping board, make several shallow slashes over the top. This will increase the surface area for the crust. Season well and spread with the mustard mixture.

Transfer to a roasting rack in a medium non-stick roasting tin and roast for 40-50 minutes (for medium). Cover with foil if the top is browning too quickly.

Remove the joint from the oven, transfer to a warm plate, cover and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes, 20 if time allows.

Slice the roast and serve with some gravy, mini sauté potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

This beef topside roast recipe is from the give them a visit for some more meaty recipes