Try this beef stroganoff recipe. Originally from Russia this is now a dish that is popular around the world with many different variations. Come in and see us for some tender steak. We recommend fillet for this dish.

Allow about 15 minutes for preparation and a further 15 for cooking time. The quantities below will feed four people

Ingredients for Beef Stroganoff

500g Steak, trimmed of excess fat, from Morley Butchers
Olive oil
30g Unsalted butter
3 Shallots,  finely chopped
2 Garlic cloves
200g Button mushrooms, sliced
Dijon mustard
200 ml Soured cream
150 ml Beef stock
Parsley, roughly chopped
Coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Cooking Method for Beef Stroganoff

Get your ingredients ready, finely slicing the steak and chopping the mushrooms etc

First of all start cooking your rice or pasta.

While the water is coming to the boil fry the steak strips in half the butter and a good splash of olive oil in combination. The aim here is to brown the meat but not overcook it, so make sure the pan is hot. It will only take a minute or two to colour it – If you cook the meat in batches it will brown more readily as the pan stays hotter. Remove the meat from the pan and reserve in a warm place. Leave the oil and butter in the pan ready for the next ingredients.

Next add the remaining butter then the chopped shallott until softened add in the mushrooms and chopped garlic into the pan, frying together until they are just  brown. This will only take a few minutes.

Then add a good tablespoon of the Dijon mustard and the soured cream (you could also use Creme Fraiche as an alternative here)  into the pan. Add half of the beef stock (just use a stock cube for this ) and season the sauce to taste.  Do not let it come to the boil as the sour cream may curdle.

For he  final stage put the steak back  in the pan to reheat in the mushroom sauce. Stir well to distribute the heat. You may wish to add a little more of the beef stock if your sauce is looking too thick.

Serving Suggestions for Beef Stroganoff

Sprinkle on the parsley  and serve over pasta or rice.

Photo Credit: I Believe I Can Fry cc