Try this delicious summer recipe for beef skewers. Perfect for the grill or BBQ and with a tasty Asian twist. We have some dry aged, grass fed, scotch beef in the shop that will be perfect for this recipe.

Scotch Beef from Morley Butchers

Beef from Morley Butchers is a truly premium product. To achieve this we first take great care to select the best suppliers and producers. We look for beef that has come from slow growing animals that have enjoyed a natural lifestyle and wholesome diet. This delivers real taste and well marbled joints. Secondly we matured on the bone for between 21 and 28 days (or longer) for extra flavour. This produces a succulent, full flavoured product for our customers. You can find out more about our beef here >>

Scotch Beef
This recipe is from Scotch Beef and Lamb

Ingredients for beef skewers

This recipe will make enough for 4 skewers. Allow about 15 minutes for preparation and at least 40 minutes for the marination time. The ingredients can be left in the marinade for up to 4 hours which will allow the different flavours to sink in and mingle.

450g lean Scotch Beef rump steak from Morley Butchers, cut into small cubes
2-3 red or yellow peppers chopped into chunks
4 tbsp fresh basil, roughly torn
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
1 green or red chilli, deseeded and chopped
150g dried egg noodles

Cooking Method for beef skewers

Mix together all the ingredients in a bowl,except the beef cubes, peppers and noodles. Keep aside a little of the marinade to use later.

Add the beef and peppers to the marinade, mix thoroughly, cover and refrigerate. Marinate for approximately 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Thread the meat and peppers on to skewers. Cook under a preheated grill or barbecue for approximately 12-15 minutes, turning occasionally to brown all sides.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan cook the noodles as per packet instructions. Heat the remaining marinade in the pan and boil for 3-4 minutes until piping hot. Add the noodles and mix.

Beef Skewers Serving Suggestions

Serve the kebabs and noodles right away with extra stir-fried vegetables or with mixed salad leaves. As alternative these skewers would be good with rice or some crispy roast potatoes.