We have a great guide to the different cuts of beef. Use it to find the best cuts of beef for your recipe or your budget.

Different Beef cuts are suitable for various recipes and methods of cooking.

It is the most tender cuts like fillet or sirloin that are best the grill or frying whilst others will reward  braising or slow cooking in a stew. Don’t forget that many the cheaper cuts deliver the richest and deepest flavours in the finished dish.

We aim to supply the very best for our customers and source our beef from one of the very best suppliers Macduff Beef. They are a family owned third generation meat wholesale company the current head of the business is Rory Duff, grandson of the founder. Top quality meat has always been the key focus of the business sourcing top quality cattle from a small selection of trusted farms in the Scottish Lowlands and Borders, supplying tender, succulent and ready-to-cook beef .  The cattle graze outside during the spring and summer months on permanent pastures, over wintering and finishing indoors on straw bedding on a forage based diet. High welfare standards result in a better tasting product for consumers. More here on our premium Angus Beef

Above is a chart of the different cuts. Click here to see the detail and cooking suggestions for each of the sections.