Flavorsome chicken thighs are moist, tender and perfect for your grill. In fact they are one of the most tasty items you can cook on your BBQ.

Bone in skin on chicken thighs have a greater fat content than a chicken breast which  keeps them moist while cooking and allows the BBQ Chef a little more leeway in the cooking process and they are more forgiving over the timings. Not to mention they come in perfect portion sizes.

We have some suggestions and tips on how to cook great tasting chicken thighs. Allow at least two Morley Butchers chicken thighs per person.

BBQ Chicken Thighs Cooking Tips

Light your BBQ early – this can be the slowest part. Allow the coals to get white all over and pile them up to one side to allow you different cooking temperatures.

First allow your chicken to come up to room temperature – remove from the fridge for at least 30 minutes

A simple marinade will really bring out the best flavours supporting not overpowering.

Open out each thigh and season well with first a squeeze of juice from half a lemon then plenty of sea salt and some coarse, freshly ground pepper. Finely chop your lemon rind and add to the mix. Finish off with plenty of garlic finely chopped and evenly spread on both sides.

You can also add some chopped herbs such as fresh thyme, parsley or oregano. All these will work very well together or separately. Allow to stand in a bowl for at least 30 minutes to let the flavours to mix and sink in.

Note that no oil is being added here. Extra oil in the marinade tends to drip and promote a lot of flame on the BBQ later. Burning oil will add a sooty bitter taste not the preferred wood smoke of the charcoal.

Unless you have a large BBQ with good controls it is often hard to cook chicken thighs slowly without burning so the best way to avoid this is cook them in the oven first on a low heat. This will ensure that they are cooked through without  blackening the outside.

While preparing the marinade heat your oven to 120 c to pre-cook the thighs place them skin side up in a roasting dish. Keeping the skin dry helps to achieve a crispy golden brown finish later. Cook for about 30 minutes if they are browning too fast turn the temperature down. This stage can be done well before grilling but if you put them back in the fridge allow them to warm again before grilling.

To BBQ place each thigh skin side up on a cooler part of the grill. Only turn each side once if possible and keep a close eye on the final stages when you can get perfect golden skin. There is a fine line between gold and black!

This process will work well with any BBQ sauce or marinade however if there is sweetness in your choice only add it to the meat at the end. Sugar will burn very quickly so brush it on last away from flame or the hottest part of your grill.