We cure our own Gammon and source the best Bacon

Great ingredients, traditional butchers skills along with some patience makes for some great tasting Gammon.

Gammon on our counter

Locally Cured Gammon

We produce our own dry cured Gammon on the premises creating some truly local food for our customers. We also do our own Gammon smoking in the shop. When you visit the shop you will know when the smoker has been in action – the aroma is fantastic.

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The Curing Process

First we select the best ingredients – From Blythburgh Free Range Pork (see more here >>). Next plenty of manual effort when the curing salts are rubbed directly by hand onto the outside of the pork joints or hams. These are then left to cure in our cold room for two to three weeks.

In this slower process the salt curing compounds slowly penetrate through the entire ham, drawing out the moisture, the weight of the ham is often reduced by up to 18 to 25 percent. The loss of moisture produces a more intense flavour and deepens the colour of the ham.

Starting with the best quality Pork, using a traditional manual process and allowing plenty of time allows us to create a truly exceptional range of dry cured Gammon for our customers with superior taste and texture. Come in a see us for a whole ham (leg), boned and rolled joints or a tasty gammon steak.

Smoked Gammon

We also produce smoked Gammon on the premises. Using our own premium Gammon and the latest in natural draft smoking technology (It allows precise control of the end result). We use a “cold smoking” process which imparts an excellent deep flavour to the cured meat. The joints are cold smoked for four to six hours. This allows the maple wood smoke to impart that extra richness and depth of flavour.

This cold smoking imparts the richness and  flavour of the maple smoke but not the heat that would cook the meat.

free range bacon

Free Range Bacon

The pork for our free range bacon is also sourced from Blythburgh Free Range Pork before it is cured and processed. Back or streaky, smoked or unsmoked our quality bacon is always a tasty treat.

While you are buying some of our delicious Bacon don’t forget our lovely brown free range eggs from  Hyde Farm Eggs for the perfect breakfast combination!

You can see more about our Pork supplier here>>

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