Best Butchers in London – Award Winners

Shane Holland Executive Chairman of Slow Food UK visited Morley Butchers in Crouch End to present the 2015 London Best Butchers award. The Slow Food London Awards are a real seal of approval because the entrants and the final winners are all selected by London food shoppers.

Now in their third year these awards were created by Slow Food London to support and highlight the growing number of quality food retailers and producers within London which are the polar opposite of supermarkets .

In their awards statement Slow Food London said “The London Best Butchers award to Morley Butchers recognises excellence in their butchery, time-honed skills, as well as their impressive range of game and quality meat.”

“We are so pleased to have won this award for the second year,running, particularly as it is based on votes from our customers. A huge thank you to them for their support and enthusiasm for our products and what we do in the shop.”

Andrew Beresford – Morley Butchers

Slow food Best Butcher Award

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Roast Duck

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Roast Duck

A roast duck is great for a dinner party or a treat for a family lunch. Duck has a rich flavour with a delightful game note. With stronger flavours than other poultry such as chicken it pairs well with robust flavours such as citrus fruits, apples and herbs. We have cooking tips below.

Free Range Roast Duck From Madgetts Farm

The ducks we stock in the shop come from Madgetts Farm where they hatch, rear and produce their own strain of Aylesbury duck. Their ducks are free range, able to roam freely in a spacious countryside setting. The birds are fed on cereal based diet free from artificial additives and routine antibiotics as  a result they are slow growing and allowed to mature at their own pace. The ducks are housed in big airy arks that offers safety at night and shelter by day. The doors are always left open for them to go out and roam freely.

Ingredients For Roast Duck

Serves 4 people

1 Free Range duck from Morley Butchers
8 Chipolata sausages from Morley Butchers
1 Large onion sliced
1 Stick of celery
1 Large carrot chopped lengthwise
Sprigs of fresh thyme
Bay leaf
Olive oil
Salt and pepper for seasoning

Cooking Tips For Roast Duck

When you get your bird home remove from any wrapping put any giblets to one side. This will encourage any surface moisture to evaporate.

Before you start cooking remove your duck from the fridge and allow it to come up to room temperature. Oil the skin and season very well with salt. This helps to remove moisture and promotes a delicious crispy skin. Season the cavity and place the thyme inside. For extra flavours you can add fruit such as orange or apple.

Preheat the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6

Place your duck on a trivet in your roasting dish with the chopped vegetables underneath (along with the giblets and bay leaf) pour in a little water so they do not burn, check during cooking and add more liquid if needed. Duck fat will drip in along with other roasting juices. The end result will be a tasty basis for some well flavoured duck gravy.

Roasting times will be 20 minutes per 500g  plus 20 minutes. (for example, a 2kg duck would take 1 hour 40 minutes)

Remove the duck from the oven and loosely cover with foil. Rest in a warm place for at least 20 minutes before carving. Serve with the chipolatas.

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